"...The newly renovated barn provided the perfect backdrop with soaring ceilings and authentic wood for their vision of an intimate scene between a bride and her maid of honour. An extraordinary selection of modern and industrial-inspired cakes and sweets were filled with marble, gold and geometric details; unique floral arrangements included geo floral-filled lanterns and greenery-wrapped decor rings; and a lush garland adorned the lounge barn table. ..."

-Elegant Wedding

"Imaginez un mariage d’automne qui prendrait la forme d’un pique-nique qui a du chic. Pour cette mise en scène, c’est exactement ce qui a été mis à exécution. La star de cette série photo? Une caravane des années 70 fraîchement retapée. On aurait aussi pu l’imaginer se transformer en bar, en comptoir à crème glacée ou même en photomaton. Voyez ce décor vintage d’inspiration boho, une ambiance qui ne donne qu’une envie: de célébrer à l’extérieur!"

-Mariage Québec

"...The scene combines fine art (vintage piano and mirror) with high fashion. Gourmet catering and a delectable assortment of pink and gold cakes whet our appetite, while dozens of candles put us in a romantic mood..."

-Elegant Wedding


"Planning a wedding in 2018 can be a daunting task. We are all busy and it’s all too easy to allow things to become overwhelming. Couples should enjoy the whole process of getting married, including the planning, so many busy couples look for a relaible wedding planner to take some of the pressure off and make sure the day itself runs smoothly.

We caught up with Liliane to find out more about how couples and wedding planners work together to create something truly special."

-Wedding MTL

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